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Contolani LeFerengi LeFerengi palmeri LeFerengi Lidia Arzi The Random One Vast Space Syndra Silverwolf kluska72 Acne Kennen Kundaloo Ultima Kane Garos Mart Otiva Sheldor Frye sandy bird Tene Virtue Sea Shanty StationDweller Puss'n Boots Allison DiGriz Rheinhard Kurtz Sea Shanty Tam Kado Chloe Sloan Pain down YurBum Sea Shanty Hans-Peter Kraemo

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Just send a donation to "Kolimara" ingame. Start the Subject with "NEAT " + your Message! Donations get updated every hour. The size of your Name is displayed in logarithmic proportion to your donation. If you donate 100k you will be displayed with ((ln 100k)^2)/15 = x pt.

Want a Thanks-Site for your project as well? I could program one for you for only 10m per Character. Just contact me ingame.

The ISK are only for getting my Accound paid by PLEX and then reinvesting the saved money into Club-Mate for further development. I can't code without my mate keeping me awake :D