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30.11.2015: Site slow in the evening? Using an T-Online uplink? I would have to pay 5EUR ransom/month to keep the server fast. Not gonna happen. Details here.

18.08.2015: Stock works as well: Stock.

09.08.2015: Making good progresse: Wallet.

13.07.2015: Development gets streamed and you can watch the progress at YouTube or Twitch.

24.06.2015: NEAT will be rewritten in Haskell: github-link.

17.07.2012: Everything on PHP-Side converted. Cache-Reader not functional due to Cache-Changes.

12.07.2012: new "design". If you can do it better, feel free to edit the css, mail me and get ISK.

12.07.2012: rudimentary features work. Still enough stuff to be migrated to Postgres.

What is NEAT?

NEAT is an accounting-tool for the MMORPG Eve-Online. It helps you to keep track of your investments, calculates your profits and displays them graphically.

Stay in touch: Ingame-Channel "N.E.A.T.", Maling-List "NEAT"

It supports:

(Features marked with an (*) require a (small) deposition of ISK.)

You need:

Work-in-progress Screenshots:

For all services on this Page a FULL API-Key is required! This page is run by an individual person, who is not affiliated with CCP in any way (other than he plays EVE). The service is currently in development and may break at any time. There is no backup-service and the data you enter may be lost when the servers harddrive crashes. CCP can not be held responsible for any malfunction of this page.
This page may improve your trading-ability, but we can't be made responsible for anything. Your PC may malfunction, explode or a llama may appear in your room - don't sue us for that.